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Grade 1:15 - Rests

We have learned everything about playing music and notes, and now we finally get to the silence. Musicians don't play all the time, good music is about the space between the notes as much as the notes them selves, so lets get into this lesson...

Silence, or spaces between notes in music, has to be measured exactly and notated in the music. Signs which show the length of the silences are called rests.

These are rests used in grade 1, there is one for every note:


Rests can be dotted the same way as notes.

A quick note about drawing the rests:

  • The minim rest and semibreve rest look very similar, the semibreve line is under line 4, the minim is on top of line 3.

  • The crotchet rest from the bottom gap to the top gap, not all the way to the top.

  • The quaver rest is above line 3 and semiquaver adds another head in the space underneath the first

You would use rests in the same way you would use notes, however, rests are never tied, there would be no point!

Good news though, the rests are the same for treble and bass clefs!

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