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Grade 1:6 - Writing on a Stave

Now that we have seen how the stave works, the notes and where they are placed on the stave, we can look at the items we include on the stave to give us all the information we need to start writing music on the stave.

If we were starting a new piece of music, we can combine everything we’ve learned, the stave, clef, time signature with the key signature which we will see in lesson 10.

They are always in this order, the first thing on the stave is the clef, then the key signature, then the time signature. The clef and key signature are repeated on every line, the time signature is only written at the start, unless there are any changes during the piece.

Writing on a Stave

The order of the items drawn on score. Clef, key signature, time signature and bar lines.
Writing score

Bar lines go between each bar, and reach from the top to bottom lines, don’t go over. At the end of the music is a double bar line - the second line is thicker.

Now you’re ready to start writing music, if you haven’t already, this is a good time to start looking at the performance directions and terms for grade 1, you can download the guide below. It contains definitions for terms we will encounter regularly during your studies, but there is also a list of signs, symbols and performance directions used in music. All the symbols and terms you need to know for grade one are in there.

Performance Directions, Terms and Signs
Download PDF • 10.75MB

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There are 19 sections, covering every topic as well as reference sheets and materials which will come in handy as you study.

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Introduction to Music Theory Workbook

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