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About Music Theory Centre



Articles on music theory topics. Start with the Grade 1 series for beginners.


Video lessons for different music theory topics. 


Study music theory today with our courses, available for all levels.

We are in the process of creating video courses to teach music theory. Grade 1 is available now, and grades 2-8 coming soon...

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Introduction to Music Theory

 - GRADE 1

Start your journey intro music theory from the beginning with this course.

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Coming soon...

Next Steps in Music Theory

 - GRADE 2

Coming Early 2023

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Coming soon...

Intermediate Music Theory

 - GRADE 3

Coming Mid 2023

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The Grade 1 Music theory lesson series is the best place to start (and completely free!)


The series will introduce music theory from the very beginning and by the end, you will have an understanding of most musical concepts and be able to read and write sheet music.


Learning music can be massively rewarding, wether you want to learn how to write or play music, or just gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the music you love listening to. You are at the start of an incredible journey, I'm excited for you!


If you need any help along your way, I'm always happy to be there for you, so get in touch at any time

Check out our music theory lessons, these are short articles and videos covering all kinds of music theory topics ranging from the basics to an advanced level. Each grade of Music theory has a series of lessons which teaches the grade in order. 

New articles and videos uploaded weekly.


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